Oracle Application Framework (OAF)

Course Setup
Instructions to setup the code
Design Pattern , Overview of Framework, Jdeveloper Configuration  
Java framework, Design PatternComparison between OAF, ADF, Java Struts and other java frameworksOA Framework MVC Architecture Overview of JDeveloper – IDE Setup of Jdeveloper with OAF Extension Build Hello World and Sample login page Overview of OA Framework files  
 Events , Search Page Development  
OA Framework Page Basics OA Framework Coding Standards Hello World Page Event Handler Page , to handle events like : Button, Hyperlink, Image etc Manual Search Page Simple Search Page (QueryBean Search) Advanced Search Page (QueryBean Search) Example on Search page (Involves : PG, CO, VO, AM)  
List of Values, PopList  – Event Handling and Design  
List of Values(LOV)  Creation Dependent LOV Creation PopList Creation Dependent PopList Creation Demo on : Sample OAF Page to perform DML Operations Using EO  (Involves : PG, CO, VO, EO, AM) Demon on : Attachment Region Demo on : Sample OAF Page to perform DML Operations Using PLSQL API  
Mini Project  
Mini Project Development on OAF which covers the following functionalities Page Design to Perform DML Operations Using Entity Object(EO) Switcher Region Functionality PPR (Partial Page Rendering) Attachment Region Page Forwarding with Parameters Page rendering in different modes (view, update, create) Deployment Basics & Scripts (For R12.1. and R12.2 also) Overview of MDS and JDR tables Error Handling and Debugging Exercise    
Shared Region and ViewLink  
Different Types of Region Styles in OAF Shared Region Concept Simple Table, Header Region, MessageComponent Layout, Query region etc  Demo on Master Child Page using : Advanced Table, HGrid  (Involves : PG, CO, VO, VL, AM)  
OAF With PL/SQL Integration  
Page design to perform DML operations Using PLSQL API How to call Standard PL/SQL package, functions and SQL statements Using Callable Statement Using Prepared Statement  
OAF with AOL Integration  
How to use : AOL message, AOL Lookup, AOL valueset How to display Flexfields (KFF, DFF) on OAF Page OAF integration with XML Report OAF Integration with Concurrent Program OAF Integration with Workflow  
Real Time Samples  
How to display DB image in OAF Page How to upload CSV file from OAF page into DB Table  
OAF Personalziation  
Introduction to Personalization’s Demo of Personalization Export Personalization’s Import of Personalization’s Overview of JDR APIs (to inspect MDS)  
OAF Extension  
OAF Extensions List of Extensions and their functionality CO Extension VO Extension JDR Queries for validating Personalization and Extensions Deploying extensions