1Z0-1042 – Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate

Exam Title: Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate
Exam Number: 1Z0-1042
Exam Price: ₹10,475.00 More on exam pricing
Format: Multiple Choice
Duration: 105 Minutes
Number of Questions: 60
Passing Score: 66%
Validated Against:

Following are the exam topics focused on ICS, SOACS, PCS and APICS

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Application Integration 
  • Describe the key features & components of Application Integration
  • Explain Application Integration concepts 
  • Describe Application Integration Architecture
  • Explain WSDL, XML/SOAP, WS, and REST/JSON functionality

Working with Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOACS)

  • Describe Concepts of Service orchestration, Adapters, Routing, and Security Policy
  • Manage Events processing
  • Explain Enterprise Service Bus
  • Describe Mediatiors
  • Manage ESS – Enterprise Scheduler Services
  • Perform Administration and Deployment 
  • Describe the concepts of SOA adapters and Cloud Adapters for SOA Cloud
  • Perform actions on user interfaces of Oracle SOA Cloud and manage the life cycle of SOA Cloud instances
  • Build and deploy composite applications to Oracle SOA Cloud
  • Understand Oracle Managed File Transfer on OCI

Process Cloud Service 

  • Explain how to develop business processes
  • Create Human Tasks and Web Forms
  • Manage Application Data
  • Create Decisions
  • Create Business Rules
  • Integrate with Applications and Services

Working with application integration (Oracle Integration Cloud – OIC) 

  • Explain how to configure OIC Environment, perform ICS administration tasks, and manage security certificates 
  • Create connections (to external systems)
  • Create Integrations/Orchestrations
  • Map Data (and Import mappings from Jdeveloper) 
  • Create Lookups and Packages 
  • Monitor/Manage Integrations (to include importing Prebuilt Integrations)
  • Explain On-Prem agents / configuration (to include: Scheduling, Configuring Adapter Endpoints, debug, On Prem integration, and deploying/publishing an Integration to API Platform Cloud Service.)
  • Describe orchestration view options and new OIC capabilities
  • Explore Oracle Integration Cloud best practices

Working with Integration API Platform Cloud Service 

  • Explain how to Stand up a Service Instance (fulfill prerequisites, create and access service instances, follow best practices)
  • Manage Users (user management concepts and personas, create users and groups, assign roles to users and groups)
  • Manage Gateways (install and configure gateway nodes, issue gateway grants, configure OAuth 2.0 Providers)
  • Manage APIs (implement an API, deploy to a gateway, add documentation, publish to the Developer Portal, issue API grants, apply policies)
  • Manage Services and Service Accounts
  • Use the Developer Portal (discover and register to APIs)

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