Laptop and Battery Best Usage Guidelines


Protect the LCD display monitor:  Before shutting down your laptop, make sure that there are no things such as pencil, sticks, pen etc lies on keyboard. These can break the display screen when shut and screen will get scratches if items are hard. Hence, avoid keeping things on keyboard.

Do not use your laptop on the bed: Frequently using laptop on bed will cause its fan to observe dust and waste which lies on the bed. Finally, it leads to fan blocking and results in generation of more heat in laptop.

Do not carry the laptop around with the lid open. The hinges are susceptible to damage.

Do not poke the LCD screen with a pen or sharp objects. What will happen though is it will damage the LCD and the display will end up looking like a rainbow.

Try to keep the laptop on a flat and clean surface: Placing laptop on congested place and working, there are chances of damages to laptop. Therefore, it is better to place laptop on flat and clean surface that avoids minor damages to laptop and frees from dust.

Avoid placing materials on laptop: Things such as large sized books, metals etc keeping on laptop will push LCD screen into the keyboard and meanwhile damage it.

Do not expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes: always use laptop in room temperatures that avoids generation of more heat and no potential damages happens. Moreover, avoid using laptop in the sunlight as well.


Do not remove or insert the laptop battery while the laptop is running. This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. The users should always shut down your computer completely before removing the laptop battery, or you risk some serious damage.

Use the 80/20 method: The main principle is that a laptop battery should never (or at least seldom) go below 20% or rise above 80%. It’s not easy to stick to that rule all the time, but if you’re able to then your battery will probably last a little longer because of it.

Do not leaving your computer plugged in overnight or for any extended period for the sake of your battery health. There’s a good chance you’ll occasionally forget to unplug.

Never let your laptop battery run out. This is one of the worst things for both your laptop battery and for your computer itself. As frustrating as it is when your computer goes to sleep before you can reach a charger, the harm of letting that happen is even more severe than you first realize. To avoid damaging the hardware (including the battery) be very wary of letting your laptop battery reach zero percent.

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