Oracle Cloud ERP – Creating Customer Using WebServices

Creation of Organization/Person is available via REST

Creation of Customer Account, Account Site, Account Site Uses, Account Profile via SOAP

Release 20DPrior to release 20D
New REST API is available for Organization & Person (Location and Organization/Person records gets created in one payload/call)All services are SOAP Webservices
REST API’s/crmRestApi/resources/
SOAP Web Services
Create Customer Account with Site & Use
Create Customer Account Profile
Create Location crmService/FoundationPartiesLocationServiceCreate Organization / Person with SitecrmService/FoundationPartiesOrganizationServicefoundationParties/PersonServiceCreate Customer Account with Site & UsefoundationParties/CustomerAccountServiceCreate Customer Account ProfilefscmService/ReceivablesCustomerProfileService

REST API Documentation for 21B

SOAP Webservices Documentation for : 21B

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