Oracle Cloud ERP -Fusion (SaaS) – Message Creation and Query to extract

Steps to Create

As an administrator, here’s how you can view/create Message

  1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, go to:
    • Task: Manage Messages
  2. Click on + Add to Create a new Message
-- Query -- to fetch message details
         fa.application_short_name,  fm.message_name, fm.message_text 
            xxfnd_new_messages          fm,
            xxfnd_application    fa
                1 = 1
            AND fm.application_id = fa.application_id
--            AND fa.application_short_name = p_app
            AND message_name = 'FND_DOC_ASS_METHOD_INVALID'
            AND language = 'US';

  select * from fnd_message_tokens where message_name='FND_DOC_ASS_METHOD_INVALID'

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