Oracle Fusion Item Creation

N: Product Management –> Product Information Management

Product Information Management Page

Let’s create the item from Using –> Create Item Page (Task)

Enter the : Organization, Number of Items, Item Class, Item Template 

Click on Ok

Below screen is shown

Click on + and add an image for item

Check the item attributes, which are defaulted based on selected template

Item Specifications

Item Structures

Item Attachments

Item Associations

Item Relationships

Item Categories

Check the item details, Item Number is not generated – click on save now

Once clicked on Save –> Item Number got generated

Many of the item details got prepopulated, because of selection of template, in real time, always items are created based on template. For Creation of item there are many pre-requisites configurations to be performed, In this post, we worked only on creation of item, considering all configurations are completed.

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