Oracle ICS Integration Cloud Service – Supported Actions

  • Assign: Enables you to assign variables to integrations.
  • Javascript: Enables you to add JavaScript functions to the integration.
  • Logger: Enables you to add log messages to the activity stream and diagnostic logs.
  • Map: Enables you to add ad-hoc mappers to the integration.
  • Notification: Enables you to send a notification email to relevant users at specific points in the execution of an integration.
  • Scope: Enables you to manage a collection of child actions and invokes that can have their own fault handlers.
  • Stage File: Enables you to process files in scheduled integrations.
  • Switch: Enables you to add a switch activity for defining routing expression branches in the integration.
  • For Each: Enables you to loop over a repeating element and execute one or more actions within the scope of the for-each action.
  • While: Enables you to loop over actions or invoke connections as long as a specific condition is met.
  • Raise Error: Enables you to send failed messages to the error hospital for further analysis.
  • Fault Return: Enables you to return a fault.
  • Callback: Enables you to end a process and return to the trigger. For example, you can add a switch activity and define a branch in which you add a Callback. If some defined expression logic is not met, this branch is taken. The integration is stopped and the trigger receives a response indicating that the integration is not continuing.
  • Return: Enables you to return an immediate response.
  • Stop: Enables you to terminate the integration. No response message is returned to the trigger.
  • Wait: Enables you to delay the execution of an integration for a specified period of time.

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