Oracle ICS Interview Questions/ Key Points – 2

  1. ICS Integration LifeCyle is of the sequence – Create Connections, Create Integrations , MapData(Lookup, Transform Too), Activate and finally Monitor Integrations (Manage Errors, Track Payload)
  2. Oracle Cloud MarketPlace For Integration (Free/Paid) –
  3. For Prebuilt Integrations
    1. Connections – Should modify the connection details
    1. Integrations
      1. Oracle Created – Cloned version can be modified
      1. Customer/ISV’s Created
  4. PAR – Package Archive, IAR- Integration Archive – Best to use Package approaches during migration process and can segregate based on the module/functionality etc
  5. Deactivating of an integration – will purge all the earlier run history, payloads, monitoring etc
  6. Steps for Creating Connection – Select Adapter, Provide Basic Info, Configure Connection Properties, Security Info, Test it
  7. Connection – Support different roles types – Trigger, Invoke , Both
  8. ICS – Oracle Cloud Adapters List –
  9. ICS – What are Adapters – Software Components abstract the complexity functionality are designed to achieve the transfer or data
  10. Adapters- Enhances Developer Productivity, Session Management and Security
  11. REST API Supports – Basic Authentication, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) , RESTful API Modeling (RAML) and Swagger payload types
  12. REST Supports method types of : GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
  13. ICS Supports 6 Integration Patterns
  14. Flow happens like :  Trigger(Source) to Invoke(Target)
  15. ICS Provides – lookupValue() function to get the lookup value from Lookup in the DataMapper

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