Supplier Attachment Import Issue – zip file can’t be located

When loading Supplier Attachments, if the file type is URL or TEXT the content can be mentioned within the template file, but if you want to load any file like : PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC…etc , the file should be loaded in the UCM Account : /prc/supplier/import

Make sure you follow the naming of the zip file and content properly ex :

File/Text/URL –Actual file Name

File Attachments zip – the content in the zip file should be what is mentioned in the File/Text/URL

Error : The file can’t be located in the .zip file as specified in the File Attachments .ZIP column. –if there is a mistake in the zip file or the file you mentioned, you will get the above error.

Check the error using the below query :

where parent_table = 'POZ_SUP_ATTACHMENTS_INT'
order by creation_date desc

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