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XML Publisher Data Template Sample

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1252" ?>
<dataTemplate name="XXQA_SUPP_REP_DM" description="Supplier Details Report" Version="1.0">
		<property name="debug_mode" value="on"/>
		<sqlStatement name="Q1">
			  select asup.vendor_id, asup.vendor_name, 
			  asup.segment1 vendor_num 
			  , assa.vendor_site_code
			  , assa.address_line1
			  , assa.org_id
			  , hou.name org_name
			  from ap_suppliers asup , ap_supplier_sites_all assa,
			  hr_operating_units hou
			  where asup.vendor_id in ( 33169, 210, 314, 4, 9, 12, 355)
			  and assa.vendor_id = asup.vendor_id
			  and hou.organization_id = assa.org_id
		<group name="G_SUPP_DATA" source="Q1">
			<element name="vendor_id" value="vendor_id"/>
			<element name="vendor_name" value="vendor_name"/>
			<element name="vendor_num" value="vendor_num"/>
			<element name="vendor_site_code" value="vendor_site_code"/>
			<element name="address_line1" value="address_line1"/>
			<element name="org_name" value="org_name"/>

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