Oracle Cloud Demo Instance Trick

I always prefer to choose the free services, so i can guide the developers in the most cost effective way.

Recently when Mumbai cloud area was launched, i preferred for creating the cloud instance, to my surprise the list of services which it offered is few and also the Integration Services does not worked, i tried multiple times, with multiple browsers and no solution, finally i raised an SR, the engineer confirmed the issue with the Mumbai cloud area and he told me to better choose the others area’s of cloud, i selected: Phoenix.

Wow , the list of services, which offered were huge, check the below it has : SOA, VBCS, APiary, API Platform, Analytics and Many more 🙂

When i clicked on the Integration instance, the Create Instance Button was disabled, after reading few docs, i came to know it’s because of the few privilege issues, it happened, added them and it worked perfectly.

Finally it is up and running.

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