SQL For Non Technical

Tough job for a functional or business analyst is to understand the nuance of Database.

It is not that much complex which is generally thought, i came across about this from most of my colleagues and fellow students on this.

Following is my approach for this.

  • Get clarity on the capabilities of Database – Architecture, Types of Databases, Versions, Providers
  • Get information on Database Objects like : Tables, View, Synonyms, Triggers, Indexes, Materialized Views
  • Understand about Schema in DB
  • Start with writing your simple select query , based on your area of functional expertise.
  • For Ex: If you are from Finance – Start with finding the tables of Journals
  • For Ex: If you are from Procurement : Start with find the tables of Suppliers, Purchase Orders
  • Don’t worry about the complex joins , which you generally see in the SQL Queries, it all goes well and it is not complex
  • In SQL – try to get clarity on : SELECT, FROM WHERE, GROUP , HAVING ORDER – Make sure you understand when to use what and how the result vary based on this
  • I will post a video on this and update the link at the earliest, Please provide your inputs…if you have any other thoughts.

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