Oracle Cloud ERP – Profile Options

Profile options are a set of preferences that you use to centrally manage the user interface settings and application behavior.

You can use the profile options to manage, for example:

  • User preferences to specify language or currency.
  • Configuration choices to change the user interface skin or appearance of fonts.
  • Processing options to determine how much of an activity needs to be logged and at which level.

In the Setup and Maintenance work area, use any of the following tasks:

  • Manage Profile Options
  • Manage Profile Categories
  • Manage Administrator Profile Values

The following table contains a functional description of each task.

Task NameFunction
Manage Profile OptionsCreate new profile options or modify existing profile options, except some which are predefined and restricted to prevent any modifications.
Manage Profile CategoriesGroup the profile options based on their functional similarities.
Manage Administrator Profile ValuesSet the profile values for the enabled profile options to control application behavior.

Below are the table/query details to get the profile value — Pass the profile name and level to get the value accordingly

    fnd_profile_option_values  fpov,
    fnd_profile_options_b      fpob
        1 = 1
    AND fpob.profile_option_id = fpov.profile_option_id
  --  AND fpov.level_value = 'SITE'
   --AND fpob.profile_option_name = upper(p_profile_name)

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