Oracle Cloud ERP – Messages

Messages provide users with information about business or application errors or warnings.

Typically, messages inform the users about the following:

  • Missing or incorrect data
  • Status of an application, page, or a business object
  • Status of an ongoing process
  • Result of a user action

Besides notifying users about the problem, messages provide guidance to users on taking corrective action. Messages also warn users about the consequences of a certain action.

Oracle provides a set of predefined messages that are stored in a message dictionary. You can create additional messages or modify the existing ones using the Manage Messages task in the Setup and Maintenance work area.

Below are the table/query details to get a message text – Pass the message name and language to get the appropriate value

         fa.application_short_name,  fm.message_name, fm.message_text 
            fnd_new_messages          fm,
            fnd_application    fa
                1 = 1
            AND fm.application_id = fa.application_id
            AND language_code = 'US'
	--    AND fa.application_short_name = p_app
--           AND message_name = 'FND_DOC_ASS_METHOD_INVALID'

Message Token Details

select * from fnd_message_tokens where message_name='FND_DOC_ASS_METHOD_INVALID' 

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