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Lookups are lists of values in applications. You define a list of values as a lookup type consisting of a set of lookup codes, each code’s translated meaning, and optionally a tag. End users see the list of translated meanings as the available values for an object.

Lookups provide a means of validation and lists of values where valid values appear on a list with no duplicate values. For example, an application might store the values Y and N in a column in a table, but when displaying those values in the user interface, Yes or No (or their translated equivalents) should be available for end users to select. For example, the two lookup codes Y and N are defined in the REQUIRED_INDICATOR lookup type.

The following table contains an example of a lookup type for marital status (MAR_STATUS) that has lookup codes for users to specify married, single, or available legal partnerships.

Lookup CodeMeaningTag
MMarriedNot applicable
SSingleNot applicable
RRegistered Partner+NL
DPDomestic Partner-FR, AU

In this case, tags are used for localizing the codes. All legislations list Married and Single. Only the Dutch legislation lists Registered Partner. And all legislations except France and Australia also list Domestic Partner.

To view the predefined lookups and their lookup codes, use the following tasks in the Setup and Maintenance work area:

  • Manage Standard Lookups
  • Manage Common Lookups
  • Manage Set-Enabled Lookups

Below are the query/table details

select flv.lookup_type, flv.lookup_code, flv.meaning, flv.language
 from fnd_lookup_types flt  , FND_LOOKUP_VALUES flv
 where 1=1
 and flv.lookup_type= flt.lookup_type
 and flt.lookup_type='FND_ATTACHMENT_STATUSES'
 and flv.language='US'

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