Oracle Cloud – ValueSet

value set is a group of valid values that you assign to a flexfield segment to control the values that are stored for business object attributes.

A user enters a value for an attribute of a business object while using the application. The flexfield validates the value against the set of valid values that you configured as a value set and assigned to the segment.

For example, you can define a required format, such as a five-digit number, or a list of valid values, such as green, red, and blue.

Flexfield segments are usually validated, and typically each segment in a given flexfield uses a different value set. You can assign a single value set to more than one segment, and you can share value sets among different flexfields.Note: Ensure that changes to a shared value set are compatible with all flexfields segments using the value set.

The following aspects are important in understanding value sets:

  • Managing value sets
  • Validation
  • Security
  • Precision and scale
  • Usage and deployment
  • Protected value set data

Table : FND_FLEX_VALUE_SETS : has details about the details of the valueset and its type

Value Set Query – it works for all types of Value sets, except Table Type

SELECT ffvs.flex_value_set_id ,
    ffvs.flex_value_set_name ,
    ffvs.description set_description ,
              ,'I' ,'Independent'  
              ,'D' ,'Dependent'  
              ,'N' ,'None'  
              ,'P' ,'Pair'  
              ,'U' ,'Special'  
              ,'F' ,'Table'  
              ,'X' ,'Translatable Independent'  
              ,'Y' ,'Translatable Dependent') validation_type_mng,  
    ffv.flex_value_id ,
    ffv.flex_value ,
    ffvt.flex_value_meaning ,
    ffvt.description value_description
FROM fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs ,
    fnd_flex_values ffv ,
    fnd_flex_values_tl ffvt
    ffvs.flex_value_set_id     = ffv.flex_value_set_id
    and ffv.flex_value_id      = ffvt.flex_value_id
    AND ffvt.language          = USERENV('LANG')

Table Type Value Set Query:

  ffvs.flex_value_set_name, fvvt.from_clause, fvvt.where_clause, fvvt.order_by_clause
 where 1=1
 and fvvt.value_set_id = ffvs.flex_value_set_id

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