Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate – Q&A Dumps

1.     What task can NOT be performed on Business Types View?
A . Create business exceptions
B . Create business objects
C . Business rules
D . Import business objects
E . Create enum objects

2.    Which is NOT a key advantage of using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?
A . Public/Private Cloud Portability
B . choice of IDE for development
C . Auto Association of Oracle SaaS Applications
D . prebuilt integrations
E . recommendations

3.    Oracle JCA (J2EE Connector Architecture) Adapters simplify how applications connect to each other.

Which three technology adapters are supported in Oracle’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SQA) Cloud Service?
A . Oracle JCA Adapter for Sockets
B . Oracle EBS Application Adapter
C . Oracle JCA Adapter for Files/FTP
D . Oracle JCSA Adapter for JMS

4.    What is the “Decision Table” in Business Rules in Process Cloud Service?
A . a range value set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed value ranges for the input and output data objects of a decision
B . a decision matrix that organizes if/then rules into a spreadsheet-like format, where rows represent conditions and actions, and columns match condition values to action alternatives
C . an if/then rule that has one or more conditions (if statements) that together are true or false, and one or more actions (then statements) that are applied if the conditions are true
D . a values set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed values for the input and output data objects of a decision

5.    What fields are used to define static or dynamic list of values in web forms in Process Cloud Service?
A . Links, Email and Message Fields
B . Checklists, Radio button or Select controls
C . Date, Time and Number Fields
D . Text Input and Area Fields

6.    What two grants allow an API Manager to use a service in their API?
A . Manage Service
B . View All Details
C . Deploy API
D . Reference Service

7.    Which two are types of Authentication that are supported for Services in Integration API Platform Cloud Service?
A . Kerberos
B . WSS Username Token
C . OAuth2
D . BasicAuth

8.    When a connection is in edit mode and the browser crashes, the connection becomes locked, which then prevents it from being edited.

Which two users can unlock the connection?
A . a user with the Designer Role
B . the same user who has edited the connection
C . any user
D . a user with the Administrator Role

9.    Which two statements are true about implementing an API-First strategy?
A . The API is to be developed first before any UI or new business logic are created.
B . It generally is assumed that SOAP/WSDL are the key specifications for defining the AP
D . The code to execute business logic needs to exist and be exposed as an API first before you build a strategy around it.
E . You define the API definition/contract first before any work on its implementation or any applications that use it, allowing teams to work in parallel.

10.  Which two actions can be repositioned in integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?
A . Function Call
B . Switch
C . Stage File with Read File in Segments
D . Stage File

11.  What policy is required to be in an API if that API is to be used under a Plan?
A . Application Rate Limiting
B . Basic Auth
C . Key Validation
D . Interface Filtering

12.  Which three background colors are displayed for autocomplete in Process Cloud Service?
A . Blue for complex binding names (their children may contain valid binding names)
B . Red for invalid binding names
C . Green for valid binding names
D . Orange for unmatched binding names

13.  Which two are On-prem Connectivity Options with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?
B . Connectivity Agent
C . PaaS Agent
D . Execution Agent

14.  You provision an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance and specify a compute shape so that the JVM heap size for WebLogic Server and Load Balancer processes are determined automatically.

Which statement is correct after provisioning the instance in this scenario?

A. You can change the heap size to a maximum of 32GB.

B. You can change the heap size by logging an Oracle Cloud Support Service Request.

C. You can change the heap size by using the Weblogic Server Administration Console.

D. You cannot change the heap size once the Service Instance is provisioned.

15.  Which three are types of certificates that can be imported from Settings?
A . Identity Certificate
B . Multi Domain SSL Certificate
C . Trust Certificate
D . Message Protection Certificate
E . Unified Communications Certificate

16.  What are the correct steps involved in Business process creation in Process Cloud Service?
A . Visio (vdx), BPMN 2.0 (bpmn) and XPDL 2.x (xpdl)
B . Perform WSDL configuration, XML message definition and web page design
C . Create an Abstract, Design Services, Set up Notify, Configure Send and Receive and Decisions
D . Create a process; assign roles to the process; Design the flow; Configure flow element properties; Define the data and then Associate the data

17.  Which expression can you use to schedule integration runs?
B . an iCal
C . a JavaScript
D . a XSLT

18.  What Mapper function can you use to get the lookup value in Mapping Builder?
A . GetLookupValue
B . FindLookupValue
C . LookupValue
D . SearchLookupValue

19.  Which three Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOA CS) Components can route a message to an end point?
A . Oracle Mediator
B . Oracle Business Rules
C . Oracle BPEL Process Manager
D . Oracle Service Bus

20.  Which two statements about lookup are correct?
A . Create a lookup to map values between application.
B . Lookups are deployed as part of integration activation.
C . Changes made to lookups already used in active integrations take effect immediately.
D . You cannot clone a copy of an existing lookup.

21.  What are the four steps required to complete the task ‘create a connection’?
A . Configure Connection Properties
B . Import SSL Certificate
C . Test Connection
D . Select an Adapter
E . Configure Lookup
F . Configure Connection Security

22.  Which two are types of style patterns available while creating integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?
A . Notification
B . Metadata
C . Orchestration
D . Map Data

23.  What are two key benefits of Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) in the management and security of Web services across the organization?
A . Security is controlled by the developer of the service and this gives greater control to the development of the service.
B . OAuth services are used for REST based services.
C . OWSM provide a framework that is externalized and declarative outside of the web service implementation.
D . Developers no longer need to understand security specifications and security implementation details.

24.  Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity?
A . You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets.
B . You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped.
C . You can drag and drop function activity in the target.
D . You can drag and drop switcher activity in the target.

25.  Which two options cannot be performed from the Monitoring Dashboard?
A . Activity Stream Download
B . Artifacts Download
C . Download Incident Logs
D . Download Lookup
E . Download Diagnostic Logs

26.   Which operation is NOT supported by Stage activity?
A . Read Entire File
B . Delete File
C . Write File
D . Unzip File
E . Zip File
F . Read File in Segments

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