SOAP/REST WebServices of Oracle ERP Cloud

SOAP web services in Oracle Applications Cloud can be split into two categories:

  • Business Object Services: Services that expose data and operations on a business object, such as an opportunity or marketing campaign. These services are implemented using the Application Development Framework (ADF). Because of this, the services share interface structure, common types, and standard create, read, update, and delete (or, CRUD) operations.
  • Process Services: Services that orchestrate business processes and are not centered around a business object. You typically implement these using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) composites.

These services are based on the following industry standards:

  • Extensible Markup Language (XML): A common data format that allows for uniform communication between web service consumers and providers.
  • XML Schema: A framework that describes XML vocabulary used in business transactions.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol: The eponymous SOAP. A protocol for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services.
  • Web Services Description Language (WSDL): An XML-based language which provides a model for describing SOAP-based web services.
  • WS-Policy: A flexible and extensible grammar framework that describes the capabilities, requirements, and general characteristics of web services using policies.

Rest API

Representation State Transfer (REST) APIs to facilitate integration with third-party applications

  • Confirm your version of Oracle Applications Cloud to determine the URI path for your REST API requests. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
  • Be familiar with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and the cURL command-line tool for transferring data using URI syntax.
  • Get the information of : Authentication, DataTypeSupport, ResourceTypes for the API to be used

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